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The  purpose of this web site is to provide Religious Education, Network Building opportunities, Training, Help, Support and Camaraderie for
those interested in Wicca and the Heathen lifestyle world wide. We are one  world and all one people,  knowing that balance in all things is the path we all follow to enlightenment, magickal powers and knowledge. Duality is the nature of the universe we live in.  Those who follow this spiritual path are blessed by God, the Goddess and our Ancestoral  Earth Spirits.


-All Wiccans are Witches, but not all Witches are Wiccan

Wica - Male
Wice - Female

 -Heathen Council of the Wise


 - a non freemason, christian, muslim, jew, hindu, buddhist or pagan.
-the others from outside of the Ancient Roman Empire's walls.
-the builders and designers of the ancient stone circles,  stone and earth pyramids made world wide. These sacred places were used for worship by the Heathen people of their Gods, Goddesses, Ancestoral Spirits, Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars.


Our Lady Ephesus  High Priestess

Founder of The First Church of Ancient Crafts



Our Lord RaVeN High Priest

Founder of The First Church of Ancient Crafts



Heathen Cosmology 

Heathens, as our ancestors were known, were the orginal children of the magickal Dragon and creator of the universe, born onto earth by a shooting star that fell at  the ancient Amazonian site of Ephesus. On this site was built a Temple to honour the Goddess Artemis (listed as one of the ancient world's wonders). Heathenry stories talk of Lilith ditching Adam (from the Bible) to live with the Heathen tribes, as the Heathens recognised woman and man were created as equals. In the bible Heathens were also called the others, dwellers of the hearth, angels/daemons as they were a different breed from the bibles God and his children who teaches christains and men are better than others or women. To the celtic tribes they were known as the faery, healers, or oracle. They are the holders and teachers of knowledge, mana and the 13 zodiacs of prophecy. Free spirits, nonmonogamous (free and true in heart) and non-mundane, free to travel the 10 universal realms. Our Gods and Goddesses are many and rule the elements for the enlightenment and protection of their followers.

The Heathens were the original builders of the stone circles, mastering time at the first bonfire. These energy points still cover the planet today as the Heathens were also masters of the sea, navigating the world  and names like the Goddess Tara became world wide as did many others names of the Gods in mankinds history.

Our history is a spoken one, given birth to many a song or poem, sometimes woven and recorded as knots or painted as art. Mostly our history is a lived one as words cannot tell what only has to be seen and lived to know our true ancestoral spirits and path. Tribes such as the northern tribe  known Asatru is only one of many of the ancient tribes that covered our planet. Many of those tribes have parted from the true ways of the heathen over thousands of years of intergration with paganization and christainity. The Roman Empire was formed out of greed, ruling by using genocide to enslave the masses by destorying knowledge, memory of our ancestoral spirits, poisoning our sacred springs with lead, destorying the sacred stones (this happens still today for motorways etc), along with the earth and air.

The Dove of peace metamorphised into the Raven in ancient legend, to lead the chaos revolution and oversee the destruction of the corrupt nature of empires and mankind through spiritual enlightenment to the masses. Those corrupted by power and using political genocide of the masses and money to divide rule and conquer, will have no future after 21/12/2012 (as recorded by the Mayan calendar ).  The divine and mundane crosses will meet, the symbol of our 8 sabbats (located at the centre of our universe) which will be a followed  by a new age of enlightment lasting 1000 years. The darkest of nights are ahead of us all, into the Coal Sack (the darkest place in our heavens) of the universe, the unwise, corrupted and spiritually devoid will all go.


It is our hope for the future and those who remain, that our planet will become more sustainable in our day to day lives, ending pollution and the destruction of our Mother Earth.

People will be able to live healthier and longer lives, cancer and other mineral deficiencies will become a thing of the past.

Companies will no longer rule our planet at the expense of people.

The children of our planet will grow up healthy and empowered with true knowledge to live freely without limitations to travel our universe.

Our brothers of the sea (whales and dolphins) will be free from being hunted to roam our seas.

Join us and play your part  to ensure survival for the creation of a better world in the new coming age ahead.


Blessed Bee!








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